The Niche Project

Niche selected me to share some of my favorite photos on their blog. Enjoy!

Top 5: by Jefte Sanchez

We’ve selected photographer, Jefte Sanchez, to recap his top 5 photos he’s ever taken. Read on to learn the stories behind these shots…

1. I grew up in Los Angeles. The city. A place with little to no real nature around. Moving to the Pacific Northwest has spoiled me. Evergreens everywhere, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, space to breathe. This photo reminds of where I live and gives me more of a reason to never take it for granted.

2. I’ve been married for over three years now. My wife is the reason I moved up to the Northwest. We travel everywhere together enjoy the journeys just as much as we do the destinations. This photo was taken on a random road in between two sand dunes in Oregon.We stopped, ran around in the sand, captured our moments and moved on.

3. As a photographer, I’ve made it a point to carry my camera everywhere I go. In this case, I took it to my good friends wedding. Spotted my friend Ted hanging out by the vintage chairs and captured this moment. It’s truly one of my favorite portraits.

4. We’ve all seen or heard of this place but so what? This bridge is absolutely breathtaking every time I visit. It always has a different “feel” to it based on the weather. What doesn’t change is its beauty. Truly a Northwest landmark and easily one of my favorite photos of it.


5. My wife and I travel to the Oregon Coast quite a bit. There is something about it that draws us both no matter the season. This photo takes me back to all of those trips there. Soaking in the sun, 9pm sunsets, 10pm beach fires and all day long to just do things like throw sand in the air.

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