A few years back, my friend Peter Cote, We Are Grandeur, and I worked on a project for a small art show. Peter and I have worked on very random projects that not always came to life. For the short time that we explored our creative outlets together, we managed to launch a few projects. One of those projects is the one below. The sneeze.

Yea, it's exactly what it sounds like. As I brainstormed ideas of what we wanted to shoot for this art show I thought, why not try and capture something that we can't really control. Huh? Said Peter. Yea...when you sneeze, there is a moment within the sneeze where you simply cannot control the expression of your face. Guess what Peter said? Heck yea!

We called a few of our friends, told them our "genius" idea and shot that week. These few photos are the result of lots of pepper, feathers and shoving kleenex in our noses. Those tears you see are real tears and the expressions on these faces....involuntarily amazing.